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EasyPal Action Menu Help


The ACTION Menu Options

SEND TEXT Allows you to send a small TEXT file. Text should be typed into the TX screen and will be transmitted when the MAIN SCREEN TRANSMIT Button is clicked. Small text files will be sent several times to allow received stations to sync to your signal.

SESSION LOG Displays details of RX and TX instances since the current session of EasyPal was started. Callsign, RX or TX, Time and Mode details are displayed

STATION LOG Displays the CALLSIGN and details of the sender of each Received Picture since the current EasyPal session was started.. Details may be Edited on Screen and Saved for next session

TUNE When selected a TUNE signal will be transmitted after a few seconds. Used to check the path between TX and RX stations as well as to check your Transmit audio level. Three tones will be transmitted for 7 seconds. These tones will be displayed on the receive station waterfall as three distinct and bold lines directly below the three GREEN tone markers on top of the Waterfall. See MAIN SCREEN OPTIONS for more details.

CW ID Sends the selected Callsign in CW with each Transmission.

PURGE EXCESS FILES Does exactly what it says ! Purges (clears) files not being used by EasyPal

AUTO-PURGE FILES ON SHUTDOWN When closing EasyPal: If "Auto-Purge files on shutdown" has been checked in the "Action" menu: Files will be purged according to the user purge files settings.
If the Repeater is active Bsr files are purged except the last 10. If not in repeater made Bsr files are purged except the last 50.
Ocassionally (every few months or so) It is recommended to "Del all BSR"   Do this when no further record of BSR's are needed.
This clears the "\corrupt\" directory which can grow very large with  unused files.

RESET RX Used to reset the received picture sequence.

USE REPEATER Selects repeater Mode where Easypal operates as a Repeater.   See REPEATER MENU COMMANDS at the bottom of this Page.

USE FTP Selects FTP Upload facility . See FTP MENU COMMANDS at the bottom of this page.
This function Uploads the received picture to an FTP server for viewing by everyone with WWW access. 
An option to block upload of an Image by receiving station exists where you do not want the Image to be uploaded to the WWW.
Undersired Users may be Blocked from Uploading.
When a picture is uploaded to a user's website a file "list" is also uploaded. "list" contains the last 10 callsigns that have accessed EasyPal.
This may be used on the users website for various options as designed by the user.

ACTIVATE TX WATERFALL When selected this option allows operation of the Waterfall display when transmitting. Full Duplex type soundcards are required with TX loopback to RX. Possible program crashes can result.

USER DETAILS EMBEDDED TEXT When selected one of three preset user details files are embedded into Transmissions.
Any text can be embedded but this option is designed to transmit your details with transmissions.When first selected a small window will be shown where you can add, remove and edit upto three files. You can save and restore any one of these for use with all future transmissions.
Selected Text is embedded when EMBEDTXT button on the MAIN SCREEN is clicked.

SET MULTIPLE TX INSTANCES This function allows you to send More than one transmission. A window will appear in which you can enter the number of times a picture / file is to be transmitted.

QUICK SELECT MODE Used to quickly select preset Mode settings. When clicked a window with preset Mode settings will be displayed. Click on the Mode set you wish to use. See MAIN SCREEN OPTIONS for more details of Mode selection.

PICTURES/TEXT INSIDE TX PICTURE Allows you to add text or additional pictures to a Picture selected for Transmission.
Click the Merge to TX when ready to update the selected Picture.

Callsign checker.. Links to QRZ.com  with maps etc... Nice !!   Written by Dick W3WVG
Callsign Logger  with maps etc... Nice !!....Written by Dick W3WVG
A very Clean and Easy to Use Picture Viewer.. Integrates Nicely within Easypal.  Written by Dick W3WVG
Multiple view of on line FTP DigSstv sites. Written by Dick W3WVG     
REASSIGN ABOVE DIRECTORIES Does exactly what it says ! Allows you to re-assign the directories holding the above programs.

Does exactly what it says ! Prints Text or Picture on your Windows default printer

Twain is a common dialog Windows uses to communicate with external devices such as Scanners, Cameras etc
Allows you to select the Twain device to Input a Picture. Twain Aquire directly connects to the selected device.

IrfanView is a Graphics program that can be used to manipulate pictures.  These options send a picture to and load a picture from Irfanview.   Irfanview must be installed on your PC for these options to work.

The RPTR Menu is only available on the Menu Bar when USE REPEATER is ticked in the Action Menu


Show Last received Repeater Directory
Displays the "Repeater Directory" window. The filenames and file sizes are listed.
Select a file by clicking the filename, then use the "Replay Selected File"  or "Delete Selected File" button.
The repeater command will then be sent.

Show Repeater Log Self explanatory

File is saved to external "\repeater\" (Retick each time)
Allows the sending of a file to be saved to the "Repeater" folder on a remote repeater. 
The "USER Info" allows you to enter a callsign for a recipient.  Click "OK" to send loaded file to remote repeater.
Either sender or recipient may delete this file from the remote repeater.

Start Webcam
Activates the webcam.  All FTP Settings should be unchecked.  "Run should be checked.
Clicking any of the repeater access options from the "Repeater" menu will immediately start transmitting
that command to any active HamPAL or EasyPal repeater on frequency.

Interrogate Repeater
Sends the file "a.r##. Repeater sends out the "reply.wav" file. Default is "REPEATER".
If the "reply.wav" file in not in the correct folder, the repeater will not respond.
A repeater that has been shutdown can still respond

Repeat back Files immediately
Transmits the received file Immediately.

( If the "Repeat back files immediately" is ticked by the SENDER then the repeater will send back the file it receives, much the same as the analog repeaters.
It means nothing at the repeater end.
This is be a sender's option only; otherwise every file will be repeated back regardless.)

Replay Last received Picture
Sends the file "b.r#".  Repeater sends out the "replay.wav" file.
Default is "REPLAY". Repeater replays the last received file.

View Repeater Directory
Sends the file "f.r##. Repeater sends out the "dir.wav" file.  Default is "DIRECTORY".
Repeater sends an .rs2 encoded file providing a list of files found in the "Repeater" folder.
When this file is received, The "REPEATER DIRECTORY" window will appear. 
If you wish to view later, use "Show Last Received Repeater Directory".
After files have been added or deleted from the "Repeater" folder on the remote repeater, the order of filenames will be changed.
For this reason, the "View Repeater Directory" command should be sent again to get the updated listing prior to sending any "Selected File" command.

( The repeater directory will be sent as a text file if it is less that a few K in size, otherwise as an RS2 file. RS encoding will not work with small files.
So the received directory will be a txt file or RS2 file according to it's size.
EasyPal will display either automatically. )

Repeat Text in repeater Waterfall
You are prompted to enter a text message.
The file "k.r" is sent. The content of this file is the text message.
The Repeater responds with the text message in the Waterfall.

Request HamCam Picture
Sends the file "i.r##". Repeater sends out the "webcam.wav" file.
Default is "WEBCAM". Repeater sends the current webcam picture if available.
Note that the file is standard JPEG: "070710041023-WebCamImage.jpg".

Request Repeater  Resend BSR Request
Sends the file "c.r##".  Repeater sends out the "filefail.wav" file.
Default is "BSR de RPTR". Repeater sends the BSR.

Send Email
Allows you to email a specific recipient. Opens a dialog where you can enter recipient details and enter email text.
Repeater must be email enabled.

Activate Repeater Beacon
Repeater sends out the "beacon.wav" file.  Default is "BEACON".
Not available on distribution versions.

Activate as Base Repeater
Allows Repeater Base to be activated. Warning Dialog results and the option to be an email server is included.
There is a vertical red SQUELCH line in the RX level bar.
The squelch bar must be set ABOVE the RX noise level, but BELOW actual signals.
Tx is only possible when the green RX level bar drops below the squelch bar position.

How to ACTIVATE AS EMAIL SERVER See "email.doc" in the EasyPal folder for full information.

Note Versions Earlier than 12 Mar 2009 Included the following commands

Shutdown all Repeaters
Shutdown all repeaters within range.  Sends the file "d.r".
Repeater sends out the "paused.wav" file.  Default is "STOPPED".
Restart all Repeaters
Restarts all repeaters within range.  Sends the file "e.r".
Repeater sends out the "restart.wav" file.  Default is "RESTARTED".
Shutdown Specific Repeater
Shutdown specific repeater of user selected callsign. Sends the file "l.rCALL". (lower case "L")
"CALL" repeater sends out the "paused.wav" file. Default is "STOPPED".
Restart Specific Repeater
Restarts specific repeater of user selected callsign. Sends the file "m.rCALL".
"CALL" repeater sends out the "restart.wav" file. Default is "RESTARTED".


The FTP Menu is only available on the Menu Bar when USE FTP is ticked in the Action menu

Allow FTP Upload of your Received Pictures
Enter Web address, username, password etc for your web site.
Option "Upload as "Image1" and "Thumb1"
If this is selected, then a small thumbnail copy of the uploaded images is also uploaded. (thumb1,thumb2 etc)
This is especially useful if the user only has "dialup internet". These thumbnails will load very quickly and may be clicked to display the full image. Users of this feature will have to re-program their website. (applies to versions after August 28th 2009)

Tag FTP Received Pics Uploads with Callsign, Date, Mode
tags uploaded Pictures

*Let Others see my ONAIR Status
When checked an ONAIR Symbol is sent to a server database.
The Symbol is removed on shutdown or "Let Others..... " is Unchecked.
You do NOT need to specify an FTP directory to use this feature.

*Add Comments to the ONAIR Status
Allows you to enter text comments which follow your Callsign on the ONAIR Server list

*See Who is ONAIR
When Clicked the Database of ONAIR Stations is Displayed.

* The success of these commands depends on the internet connection quality
If necessary repeat the commands after the hour glass disappears.

Show FTP Upload List (Max 100)
Menu item "FTP", select "Show FTP Upload list (max 100)"
This displays the last callsigns that uploaded pictures to your site.

Do Not allow Listed Calls to Auto-Upload to my Website
Blocks Auto Upload of Pictures from Listed Callsigns.

Do Not allow my TX Pictures to be Uploaded by other Stations
Blocks Other station auto Upload of my Pictures

Detect Remote RX Decode then Stop TX (RS files only)
Shows an options screen with Instructions and where settings can be entered.
This feature allows receive stations to halt your transmission when they have a successful receive.
A fast Internet connection is needed.
If option 2 is selected, a list of users with error free decodes appear.
The TX station may end the TX manually when he is satisfied the user list is sufficient.

WRITE TXT Msgs for FTP upload
Allows you to enter Text Messages to be Uploaded to your web site

PICTURES - View Delete Replace on your Website
Self explanatory... May not work with all systems

MESSAGES - View Delete on your Website
Self explanatory  May not work with all systems

Clears all Pictures...  recommended for First Time use

Clears all Messages.. recommended for First Time use

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