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Wednesday, 08 December 2010 05:28

EasyPal Load Pic and Load Any Help

Please Note that due to differences in the way Windows Operating Systems handle
files and folders some operating systems may not allow correct operation
of one or the other of these versions.

Users are encouraged to use whichever Version they prefer.


The EasyPal Original LOADPIC Screen
(Use Windows Open Dialog option is NOT Selected)

Enhanced User Options when using this option to Load a Picture.... they are:

>> TX Send Selected Picture to TX Screen

>> RX Send Selected Picture to RX Screen

PREVIEW Previews Picture

RENAME Renames a Picture

DELETE Deletes a Picture

SORT BY DATE Sorts Pictures by Date !!

FAST THUMBNAILS Increases Load Speed of Thumbnails

+ + + Thumbnail Size

1 2 3 4 etc Favourite Directories. Select the Directory.. RIGHT Click the Button to Save as a Preset Favourite. Left Click to select

EXIT EXITS the LoadPic screen

USER LIBRARY Shows the Users on your PC system

REFRESH Refreshes the selected folder

NON IMAGES Shows Non Images

The EasyPal LoadPic screen

Allows you to Load Pictures using the Standard Windows Dialog.    Select this method by Clicking USE WINDOWS OPEN DIALOG in the SETUP MENU

Further Information

The Pictures selected will be converted and compressed into a JPEG-2000 format.
They will also be Re-Sized on Transmit depending on the Re-Size setting in the Set-Up menu
The Images will be Re-named for Transmission to include the Current Year/Month/Day/Hour/Seconds when the Transmission takes place.
Animated GIF Pictures can also be transmitted... with additional.. sometimes very large Transmission Time Overheads.
(An option to transmit as a fixed or Animated GIF will be offered when the Picture is selected.)




Allows you to Load Any type of file for transmission... not limited to Images.    Very similar Displays to LOAD PIC.



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