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Wednesday, 08 December 2010 05:32


Other EasyPal Commands Help

The COPY Command Standard Image Copy to the Windows Clipboard from the RX or TX Screen

The PASTE Command Standard image paste from clipboard to the RX or TX screen.  Paste to the TX screen will compress and convert the image
to JPEG-2000 format.  The image may be resized based on the setting for HiRES.

The WFPIC Command (Waterfall picture) Transforms the image on screen into a grey scale image that becomes analogue encoded audio to produce
a like image in the waterfall.

The WFTEXT Command (Waterfall text) Transforms a user provided text message with the choice of  various sizes and fonts into analogue encoded audio to produce
the text as an image in the waterfall. To make a waterfall ID click "WFTxt".  Type your call into the Waterfall Text window using all caps
You may want to add a space between each character.  Select a plain bold font to make it easier to read when displayed in the waterfall.
Select NEGATIVE to invert the Text colours... Black Text on White Background.
The NEGATIVE function helps ensure the transmitter is keyed while using VOX PTT control as well as helping with the Synch of the received signal.
Click Save and use your call as the filename. To send this, click WAV and select the file, then click "Tx Now".

The CLEAR Command Clears the selected RX or TX Screen

The PROG Command Allows you to Program a macro RUN Command that Runs an External program on your PC.  Assign the Program to one of the six presets.
Very useful where you want to run another program alongside EasyPal

ABOUT Shows details of the EasyPal version and the "Gang" of Programmers and Helpers who have assisted in the building of Easypal.
HELP Shows available WWW Help File Sites.
UPDATE INFO Shows the Update History of EasyPal along with comments by Erik VK4AES


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