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Wednesday, 08 December 2010 05:32

EasyPal Glossary of Terms Used


BEACON An automated system that sends an Identification signal at preset time intervals

BSR Bad Segment Request. A BSR is sent when an Image is not receive in full. The BSR is received by the station (and all other stations receiving your signals) and a FIX screen is shown allowing the station to select the picture to fix or simply fix the last image sent. Only BAD SEGMENTS will be Resent. Each Bad Segment will be resent several times.

COMMPORT The Serial Port within your PC that Windows uses to communicate with your Interface / Transceiver.  Modern USB Interfaces also use the term Commport because a USB device is translated to a COM by Windows, so even if you use a USB Interface you will need to find the COMMPORT address. Use Windows Control Panel / System/Device Manager and look at USB device properties to find the COM Port number associated with your USB Interface. Also SEE USB

DRM Digital Radio Mondiale. The basic of Easypal communications. A Worldwide standard for Digital transmissions. More details  visit www.drm.org

FAC Fast Access Channel . Vist http://www.drmradio.co.uk/html/fac.html for more information

FIX A response to a received BSR. You have the option to FIX an incomplete Image that has been received by another station.

FTP File Transfer Protocol... Used to Communicate over the Internet / WWW. used to Upload Images, files , text etc to your website

HEADER The information preceding the main signal that holds information about the picture and transmitting station. Essential for successful Receive.

INTERFACE The electronic equipment that connects aka "Interfaces" your PC to your Transceiver. Signals to and from your PC and Transceiver travel via your Interface.

MSC Master Service Channel in the DRM signal. Visit http://www.drmradio.co.uk/html/msc.html for more information.

QAM Quadrature Amplitude Modulation.  Modulation by changing the Amplitude of two Carrier waves.
Visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quadrature_amplitude_modulation for more detailed information.

REPEATER A Repeater Re-transmits Received signals. Useful where all stations on frequency cannot hear every other station.

RESOLUTION The resolution of an Image is a statement of the Detail within that Picture. Higher resolutions result in larger image sizes and therefore take longer to transmit but will result in a received Image having greater detail. Loss of Resolution (too much compression) can produce a Pixelated Image (Blocky and  fuzzy image).

RS FILES Encoded flies using the REED SOLOMON Encode / Decode protocol. Visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reed%E2%80%93Solomon_error_correction for more information..

SEGMENT A small part of the Transmitted Image. Many Segments make up the Total Image. Bad Segments can be re-sent faster than a Bad Total Image

SNR Signal to Noise Ratio. The Ratio of Signal to Noise. The Higher the SNR the clearer the received signal data. A Low SNR limits the Receive capability.

THUMBNAIL Miniature view of an Image (and the curved Calcium bit on the end of your Thumb !)

TX and RX On MAIN SCREEN. Shows the current MODE selected for TX and last / current  RX Image

USB Universal Serial Bus used by Windows to connect to your Interface.  One VERY IMPORTANT point is that a USB COM PORT number can change if the USB device is unplugged or used in a different USB socket on your PC. This is a VERY common cause of communication failure between EasyPal and your Transceiver.

WATERFALL A representation of the received (or transmitted) signal. Displayed as a Moving Image that scrolls downwards as time progresses. The EasyPal waterfall gives a good idea as to the Transmitted signal quality via the Waterfall Contrast as well as showing the DRM Tones of the transmitted signal.


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