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Wednesday, 08 December 2010 05:36

EasyPal Archive

EasyPal is being updated all the time.
Different versions are identified by DATE.

When Downloaded and Installed EasyPal will overwrite any earlier installed versions

Click on the links below to download the relevant file.
I will update this list as new versions are released.

Email Notification of a New Version of EasyPal
If you wish to be informed by eMail when a New Version of EasyPal is available for download please
CLICK HERE and subscribe to the mailing list

I will let you know when I have a new version available.
If you are already on the list and wish to be removed please use the above link or the link in your email


Help files and Instructions have in the past been difficult to find on the Net... so I have decided to write a series of HELP PAGES
to aid use of current versions of EasyPal.
Please note that due to incompatibility of Help Files between different operating systems (Windows XP, Vista and W7)
it has been decided NOT to include a Help File within EasyPal


Versions are in ASCENDING DATE ORDER... Oldest First... oldest versions will be deleted as time progresses.

EasyPal is a FREE program written by ERIK VK4AES
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and RC7 (Windows 7) Operating Systems.

All versions have been VIRUS CHECKED by several
commercial AV programs and are CLEAN at the time of Upload.
Your should always use AV scanning however on ANY download you make
from the Internet.
If your system detects a Virus or other Malware within an EasyPal Download
from this web page, please contact me via email using the
link at the bottom of every page


EasyPal 2nd May 2011
EasyPal 27th June 2011
EasyPal 5th July 2011
EasyPal 2nd October 2011
EasyPal 28th January 2012
EasyPal 12th April 2012
EasyPal 30th April 2012
EasyPal 6th May 2012
EasyPal 10th May 2012
EasyPal 6th August 2012
EasyPal 14th October 2012
EasyPal 12th November 2012
EasyPal 4th May 2013
EasyPal 23rd September 2013
EasyPal 6th January 2014
EasyPal 9th January 2014
EasyPal 11th January 2014
EasyPal 27th January 2014
EasyPal 3rd February 2014
EasyPal 7th October 2014



Updated Easypal Help Files are now available on this web site...
or from the ABOUT menu within easyPal.
(versions 22 February 2009 onwards)
CLICK HERE to visit the EasyPal

Please Note: These Help files will be Updated
as soon as possible after a major change to
International Language Translations
are currently being written and will be made
available via this page when available.

EasyPal Instructions zip file 5kb
EasyPal Tit Bits  Doc file  23kb
EasyPal full Guide  Doc file  23kb
EasyPal Files Zip File  9.5Mb
Note this contains ALL the files you will need to Run easypal but it does contain an old Easypal version.
Once Installed you can easily update
to the current version by downloading and
Installing the current version.
EasyPal Installs and Integrates
over existing installed versions automatically.

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